3 Ways to save BIG at away games & tourneys!

Let’s own it. Hockey isn’t exactly the inexpensive extracurricular activity your child can be doing. Especially, once out of town games and tournaments get factored into the equation. However, take my word for it ~ the memories, relationships, and life lessons learned along their hockey journey will be well worth every penny you ever invest!

Along that journey, here’s a few money saving short cuts that will help you save BIG at away games and tournaments!

  1. Double-check your equipment before you leave!
    • Skate sharpening, tape, mouth guards, etc are typically more inexpensie at your local pro-shop than the arena ran shop. Not to mention pro-shop pricing often changes when a tournament moves in. Supply & Demand 101.
  2. Pack Snacks!
    • Fun Fact: Healthy snacks and beverages are more inexpensive in grocery stores then they are in ice arenas.
  3. Hotel Homework
    • Does your hotel offer a AAA-Card rate, provide complementary breakfast, or even a discounted team (or tournament) rate due to the room block quantity? If not, do some homework to maybe find an option that does. All you really need is a bed and shower anyways.

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