Fall programs

Ohp Team Consulting Services

OHP coaching staff comes to you! We join your team and your program during your sessions to assist with player and coaching development! Elevate your hockey team's performance with our comprehensive Team Consulting Program. Our strategic planning sessions focus on refining on-ice strategies and achieving common goals.

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Program Highlights

A hockey team participating in a team consulting program can expect a range of benefits and highlights designed to enhance their overall performance and team dynamics. Some key highlights include:

  1. Strategic Planning: Collaborative sessions to develop and refine team strategies, both on and off the ice, with a focus on achieving common goals.
  2. Leadership Development: Specialized training to foster leadership skills among team captains and players, creating a cohesive and effective leadership structure.
  3. Communication Enhancement: Workshops and exercises aimed at improving communication both during games and in team interactions, fostering better understanding and unity.
  4. Conflict Resolution: Strategies and tools to address and resolve conflicts within the team, promoting a positive and supportive team culture.
  5. Individual Skill Development: Tailored coaching sessions for players to enhance their individual skills, contributing to the overall strength of the team.
  6. Team Bonding Activities: Engaging team-building exercises and activities to strengthen the camaraderie among team members, promoting trust and unity.
  7. Performance Analysis: Utilization of performance data and analytics to identify areas for improvement and refine the team's playing style and strategies.
  8. Mental Toughness Training: Techniques to enhance mental resilience, focus, and discipline among players, ensuring peak performance during high-pressure situations.
  9. Goal Setting: Collaborative goal-setting sessions to align individual and team objectives, creating a shared vision for success.
  10. Ongoing Support: Continued consulting and support to adapt strategies, address challenges, and celebrate successes throughout the season.

Our comprehensive team consulting program is designed to elevate the overall performance, cohesion, and success of your hockey team, providing valuable tools and insights for sustained improvement.

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Summer Camps

Our leagues offer a platform for players of all levels to showcase their skills in a structured and competitive environment. Whether you're a seasoned player seeking challenging matchups or a newcomer looking to hone your abilities, our leagues provide an unparalleled experience.