CLEveland Roller


The Cleveland Roller League is new to Cleveland hockey this summer! This inline hockey experience is all about FUN hockey touches in a different environment. Wheel into the game this summer! 

Adult [19+] | Thursday Nights

Mite - Squirt [7-10 yr old] | Saturday Mornings

Peewee - Bantam [11-14 yr old] | Saturday Mornings

High School [15-18 yr old] | Saturday Afternoons

DATES: June 7 – August 3

FACILITY: Rocky River Ice Arena [Hamilton Ice Arena]

COST: $300


MAY 17

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    In Partnership With

    City Of Rocky River

Cleveland Roller League

Cleveland roller League

How It Works

This program is all about a fun hockey touch away from the ice! Thursday nights for our Adult Division. Saturday mornings for our Mite - Bantam, Saturday afternoons for our HS players.

Adult + HS Divisions

4 v4 full ice

Mite-Squirt + Peewee-Bantam Divisions

3v3 half ice


STEP one | What do I need?

Minimum gear:

  • Inline skates
  • Helmet
  • Elbows + Gloves

Recommended gear:

  • All of the above PLUS
    • Shin Pads
    • Protective pants / girdle

STEP TWO | How Are Teams Made?

  • You create your own rosters
  • 6-9 Skaters, 1 Goalie per team
  • Can't find teammates to join you? Reach out to We'll do our best to help place free agents. 

STEP THREE | How Do I register?

  • Registration is done individually.
  • During the check in process, please put the team you're playing on.

Registration Deadline: FRIDAY, MAY 17

League Rules

Adult + HS Div

4v4 Full Ice

Mite-Squirt + Peewee-Bantam Div

3v3 Half Ice

  • 8 Week Season 
    • Adult + HS
      • Single game per week
    • M-S + P+B
      • Round Robin event each Sat. 
  • 2 Run-time Halves
  • Players are expected to wear standard inline protective equipment.
  • Every player is entitled to an equal amount of playing time.
  • NON Check League
  • Any tied, or 1-goal games will move to stop time for the remaining 2 minutes of the game.
  • 3-Man shootout if tied
  • NO Timeouts during the regular season.
  • 3-Min Penalties
    • Third penalty in a game results in ejection.
  • Clock Stoppages
    • Necessary referee deliberation
    • Injuries



Player Stat Format

  • 1pt for a goal.
  • 1pt for an assist.
    • No second assists

Team Standings Format

3-2-1-0 European Format

  • 3-pts Regulation Win
  • 2-pts Shootout Win
  • 1-pt Shootout Loss
  • 0-pts Regulation Loss

Tie Breakers

If teams are tied in the standings, the following tie breaking rules will apply, in order:

  1. Head to Head. Results in the games played between the tied teams.
  2. Goal Differential. Goals for minus goals against in all games played.
  3. Fewest goals allowed for all games played


  • Single elimination playoff format. 1-seed vs 4-seed. 2-seed vs 3-seed.
  • Each Team is granted (1) :30 second timeout.
  • If tied a 3-man shootout will follow.


Looking for ball and shoe hockey?

The City of Rocky River has you cover!