“Russ and the OHP are really what hockey in this area have been missing. There really aren’t many people in the hockey world that have his experience and deep understanding of the game mixed with the work ethic and passion to teach. It’s almost crazy to think this is happening in Cleveland, Ohio – take advantage of it!”

~Retired, CLE Born Professional Hockey Player

“The self-pride instilled by the hockey project is amazing. Hard work is the key to success. Believe in yourself and work to succeed. The instructors are living proof and they practice what they preach. Having coached in the area at various levels, there is no other organization that I would entrust every athlete to be a part of like the Ohio Hockey Project. It’s top-notch instruction from instructors that have been through the grind it takes to succeed in this game. The instructors are selfless with their time and expertise with the only goal; to pass on the love of the game in the correct way.  I have seen the results first hand with peewee level players up to High School and Junior level players. It is up to the player to put in the work, and the OHP Staff makes sure the player is given every advantage in doing so. From personalized instruction on the ice, to professionally guided instruction off the ice with workouts and nutrition. They then take it one step further with educating players how to improve their lifestyle away from the rink, and ultimately conduct themselves as professionals. The OHP Staff prepares it’s their athletes for showcases, and self-marketing to scouts and higher-level coaches. 

Russ Sinkewich grew up playing hockey for the love of the game. He now passes that love on with a full service product. He and his staff believe in the Cleveland hockey player. They came from here and are striving to improve every player from our area. I wish more people would take advantage of this resource. The Ohio Hockey Project is something so unique and something so special every player in our area would be foolish not to take advantage of.”

~GLHL Coach

“Russ is talented, dedicated, and inspirational to the young men and women he coaches.  He has the ability to teach at a high level, clearly displaying his expertise as a professional hockey player, yet makes it challenging, disciplined, and enlightening…geared toward the level of the students who he coaches.  Russ helps develop the entire player… mentally, physically and strategically. Every hockey player should be so fortunate to have his instruction throughout his or her development in the sport.”

~Youth Parent

“My experience at the Ohio Hockey Project, was phenomenal  Everyday the coaches would push you to always be improving. Being at the camp helped me realize that I wanted to further my hockey career to the highest level possible. Being able to work with Russ is also a great experience, he is always pushing you to do your best. Russ is willing to stick his neck out for any of his kids and that makes this camp worth going to!”

~HS Player

“My son has enjoyed camp very much this week! We love hearing of the day’s events and all of the drills and achievements. Our boys have attended many camps-trust me when I say you have a very real and unique gift for this. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and extraordinary efforts.”

~High School Parent

“Russ, you and the entire staff accomplished The impossible! Getting Brady to work hard and ENJOY it! I cannot wait to see him on the ice after all the awesome stuff he told me he learned! You are all wonderful and we as parents could not ask for a better group to help our boys follow their dreams and aim toward their goals!”

~Youth Parent

“THANK YOU!!! You are truly a great role model for all the boys. From head to toe; a great individual whom I am proud to say my boys look up to in many ways more than just hockey. I can not say enough about your work ethic behind what you love and the respect you carry with it.”

~Youth Parent