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Simply follow the “Enroll Now” buttons anywhere on the site. Then select your desired program(s). To see all programs in one place visit our "register" page

Please see each program’s description through the Join the Project page. We have something for every age and ability hockey player! For additional guidance please reach out to us directly at info@ohiohockeyproject.com.



Pricing differences reflect venue pricing, increased ice time, as well as additional professional support; i.e. sports psychologist, skating instruction, and coaching.



Prior each Training Camp and Development League program we’ll email our families with more details, helpful reminders, and the specific schedule. For a better idea please refer to the schedule noted on that particular programs page. Each program may vary slightly due to ice and venue availability.



Absolutely! We offer early bird discounts, multiple program discounts, multiple athlete discounts, and flash sales. Discounts are applied at checkout.

Absolutely! We’re some of the best equipment assemblers in the game!

No. Due to the increase of food allergies and dietary restrictions, we ask that our athletes bring their own lunches and snacks. We’ll have refrigeration options and healthy snacks on site.

Yes. Every single program we offer is completely comprehensive. However, we host a few additional camps; Power Skating & Edge Control, Position-Specific, Battle Camp, and goaltending camps.

Absolutely! We have our Goalie specific Camp, as well as as the weekly development program. Also, at every single program we host we’ll have our goalie coaches on site overseeing the goaltending.


During dry land we’ll conduct fun and challenging stickhandling circuits as well as performance training circuits. Our training circuits emphasize speed, agility, explosiveness. Our performance training uses the most modern, professional methods to lengthen stride, increase quickness, increase flexibility and, create a better, more powerful, efficient athlete.

This is where we take the awareness and educational experience to the next level! During these sessions we dive into topics such as: goal setting, nutrition, competing with a mental edge, team building/character/leadership, and most importantly positive reinforcement of what our athletes are learning on the ice.



Absolutely! We have multiple snack breaks in our day. Also, to give our athlete’s a mental break we play games which challenge and enrich communication skills, team building and aerobic conditioning.

Please do! We love and encourage parental and family support!

We’ve got you covered! Check it out through our SHOP page.

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