Ohp Hockey Leagues

Summer Elite League

Also known simply as “The SEL”. Our Summer Elite League is Cleveland’s only premier off-season hockey league. The SEL provides Cleveland’s very own elite-level players the opportunity to come together to compete and push each other in a weekly game setting. This fun, highly intense league is a great way to keep your skills sharp, and stay on the ice with the most premier players from Cleveland during the off-season.

Premier [Mondays]  U18 AAA  – Tier 2+3 Jr – NCAA
Elite [Wednesdays] T1 Jr – NCAA D3-1 – Pro

DATES: June 17 – August 14

FACILITY: Winterhurst Ice Arena

COST: $350


Summer elite league

How It Works

The Summer Elite League is a highly skilled, highly competitive, fast-paced, non-check, non-fight summer league. All members of the Summer Elite League must have played or are currently playing some form of higher level hockey, such as: Midget, Junior, Collegiate, or Professional Hockey. NO EXCEPTIONS! No different than our in-season play, game results and player statistics are kept and cataloged for team and individual statistic honors.

STEP one | Do I Qualify?

I am eligible to play in the League:

  • I have a played at a minimum of Midget U-16 AAA hockey or beyond
  • I am an 06′ or older – Select AAA Level 07’s may be selected.

STEP TWO | How Do I Register?

Click the ‘2024 Draft Application’ button below and simply fill out the application and complete payment to secure your place in the Draft.

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, May 15.


STEP THREE | What’s the Draft Process?

The Summer Elite League Draft begins the second week of May. Applicants are reviewed by League Commission. As with all competitive teams, not all applicants are accepted. The League is intended to be a highly competitive environment and we have a lot of talent here in Northeast Ohio! The League Commission reserves the final right of player placement based on age, experience, and coach recommendations. NOT ALL PLAYERS ARE ACCEPTED.

Players are Drafted and 4 Teams are formed for each division

  • Premier | Mondays
  • Elite | Wednesdays

Should you go un-drafted your application/enrollment fee will be fully refunded. [processing fees are non-refundable]


Opening Night

  • Premier | Monday, June 17
  • Elite | Wednesday, June 19

League Rules


  • 8 Game Regular Season
  • 2-25 Minute Run-time Halves
  • 5-Minute warm-up
  • Elite Division – 5v5
  • Premier Division – 4v4
  • Non-Check | Non-Fight League
  • Players are expected to wear the same protective equipment that they wear during their regular season of play.
  • Every player is entitled to an equal amount of playing time.
  • Any tied, or 1-goal games will move to stop time for the remaining 2 minutes of the game.
  • 3-man shoot outs during regular season tie.
  • NO Timeouts during the regular season.
  • Tag up off sides and standard icings are in effect.
  • Clock Stoppages
    • Necessary referee deliberation
    • Injuries

Player Stat Format

  • 1pt for a goal.
  • 1pt for an assist.
    • No second assists

Team Standings Format

3-2-1-0 European Rules

  • 3-pts Regulation Win
  • 2-pts Shootout Win
  • 1-pt Shootout Loss
  • 0-pts Regulation Loss

Tie Breakers

If teams are tied in the standings, the following tie breaking rules will apply, in order:

  1. Head to Head. Results in the games played between the tied teams.
  2. Goal Differential. Goals for minus goals against in all games played.
  3. Fewest goals allowed for all games played

Playoffs & Finals

  • Week 9. Single elimination playoff format. 1-seed vs 4-seed. 2-seed vs 3-seed.
  • Each Team is granted (1) :30 second timeout.
  • If tied a 3-man shootout will follow.